Your 'one size fits all' comments really resonate with me! Except that I'm the girl who only DOES fit in men's t-shirts because I'm over 6ft tall with the shoulders of a football player! :D :D :D

I love what you've said here:

"But what if you took the ideas in the program and made them your own?

"Found inspiration around you, borrowed what you like, and discarded the parts that don't work for you?"

We're all different, and of course one size doesn't fit all - as you say, fitness programmes, journalling techniques, and all sorts of things. That's what makes it really scary when I realise that I'm trying to change MYSELF rather than the things!

Your post has really helped me to understand that I need to have the courage of my convictions and make stuff fit ME, and not the other way round.

THANK YOU, Amanda!

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