Such a great post, Amanda!

I'll never forget my only visit to the street where my mum grew up - I was 15, and we were in the area for a relative's funeral. Mum wanted to show me her old house, and as we pulled up outside we could see an extremely elderly lady weeding the front garden of the house next door. Mum gasped, jumped out of the car, ran over and sat on top of the wall right next to where the lady was weeding. The lady looked up, surprised.

'Mrs Brewer, do you know who I am?'

'Yes, yes I do! You're JEAN.'

Mum's next door neighbour had remembered her from when she was a little girl, when she used to sit there to talk to her while she weeding her garden. Three decades had passed since she'd last sat on that wall! It was absolutely extraordinary.

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This post is lovely. I had a neighbour who used to have FireKing crockery. As an adult I scoured second hand shops till I made a collection of my own. It makes me happy!

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